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A relaxing holiday in Tuscany, among the olive trees, the vines, the woods and the splendid Tuscan landscapes

Today, as in the past, the Tregognano Agricultural Company live the traditional Tuscan crops, loved and cared for by the owner.

The property covers about 40 hectares, most of which are located in Tregognano, while about 5 are located in the surroundings of Arezzo.

The crops in Tregognano have their roots in the medieval era and have been handed down from family to family over the years.

There are still two mulberry trees in front of the oldest farmhouse, which testify to a breeding of silkworms and chestnut trees within the property are certainly secular. Even crops in the Arezzo site go back a long way, as can be seen from the terraces, now protected by the Institutions, on which in the past, as nowadays, olive trees and vines were cultivated.

The company boasts a Syrah and Merlot vineyard in the Subbianese hill of Tregognano, while an autochthonous Sangiovese vineyard in the Arezzo site.

The approximately 800 olive trees for most of the ancient plant, reflect the cultivars of the area, from the Moraiolo, to the Frantoio, to Leccino and are more numerous in the headquarters of Arezzo, where they surround the houses and decorate their gardens.

A walk in the woods, almost like an enchanted place, suddenly opens the scene to the centennial chestnut trees, which rise on the top of the hill of Tregognano, an enchanting spectacle, in autumn, with the leaves that are painted in every color.

Coming down from the wood, we reach the arable land, from which we can enjoy a splendid view and a red sunset in the summer on the Arezzo valley. Returning to the old houses, you can see a small walnut grove and a wooden orchard.

We are waiting for you in Tuscany, come and visit us!